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school hallway by rkader11 school hallway :iconrkader11:rkader11 2 0
Story idea #1: Ruins of Mundo
Setting: this series takes place in a futuristic/cyberpunk/pre-modern era where the humans have dicovered new source of energy but is limited yet powerful and is fought for by many nations.
Premise: on the oscurts of a DenDen city lies a lical auto-mechanic shop run by 3 brothers. Where on stumbled apon a mysterious device that has the shape of a sword. As he retrieve it the device activates granting him special powers as well as awakening the other ancient devices around him. This will mark his path on the journey to learn about the world and its abundant riches
Ren Amada: a survivor of war and former soilder who was traumatized and retired from the military and decided to take over his fathers old mechanic shop. He is a kind, strong, and gentle person who is well discipline and supports his family, but what lies deep within him is a psychopathic monster.
Jenga Amada: a delinquent who runs a notorious biker gang who is very bold, tough, and arrogant to an extent with an unb
:iconrkader11:rkader11 0 0
Anatomy practice #1 by rkader11 Anatomy practice #1 :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 0 Charlie nash Sketch by rkader11 Charlie nash Sketch :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 0 Character design: Dasura by rkader11 Character design: Dasura :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 2 Random Sketch #1 by rkader11 Random Sketch #1 :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 0 Some Andrew Loomis Study by rkader11 Some Andrew Loomis Study :iconrkader11:rkader11 1 0 Ssj4 Goku Sketch by rkader11 Ssj4 Goku Sketch :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 0 Style Development  eyes by rkader11 Style Development eyes :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 2 Realistic eye 1st try by rkader11 Realistic eye 1st try :iconrkader11:rkader11 0 0
How i would design the ssjg form
Now you all may know i hate the ssjg forms since there cheap recolors and haven't shown much impressive feats or what not except for ssjr . Bit due to the recent episodes of super and trunks ultra ssj2 state an idea for how the ssjg or ssjb should really look.
So first off its not going to have the word GOD in it for one simple reason goku and vegeta arent gods, and the ki they have in there knew forms wont be referred as god ki but, god essence ki. Now whats the difference between them Rkader why cant it be referred as just god ki because they've obtained it. I say that because goku and vegeta are mortal and they can still be sense by said mortal but the god essense ki will also give off its divine essence which can be compared to that of a god.
Second how its look. No its not a golden ssj4 or colors that might fit, but simply them in there ssj forms wiyh tje color of the god ki. Just picture trunks ultra ssj2 but the color scheme is in reverse. Blue ki on the outside while the golden
:iconrkader11:rkader11 1 2
Super Saiyan Goku (colored) by rkader11 Super Saiyan Goku (colored) :iconrkader11:rkader11 2 0 Ssj Goku Wip by rkader11 Ssj Goku Wip :iconrkader11:rkader11 1 0 Now Hancock 3d2y by rkader11 Now Hancock 3d2y :iconrkader11:rkader11 2 0
Dragon Ball Black Arc Sucks
Dragon Ball Super's recent writing is trash
I don't watch Super much but I'm aware of the details. This Zamasu guy thinks mortals are a plague in comparison to Gods, animals, etc. Some time in the future of the main timeline Goku fights and defeats him. So he uses the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku and kills everyone. Then he travels to Future Trunks' timeline and teams up with himself. That version of himself wishes for immortality and they ruin Trunks' timeline. Forcing him to return to the main timeline. So we get to have Future Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta against these villains who are killing because they think what they're doing is right and are damn effective at it. Sounds cool on paper but when you get into the details you can see that Toei doesn't give a fuck and are just marketing this series to kids and tards.
First off Zamasu has no solid reasonings for thinking mortals are terrible. The Earth has been fairly peaceful, there's even a Nobel Peace Prize at the beg
:iconrkader11:rkader11 1 7
Debunking the Nostalgia tard argument
Okay so this faggots ugh I meant people on this shot site can't grasp the fact that lots of the stuff in this generation including this site is in a complete shit-stained stagnant hole . I like to bring forth an argument lots of idiots on this dumb site is to excuse their low standards and shit taste the Nostalgia- tard argument.
Now let's make things clear before lots of people start acting black and ignorant. If you enjoy modern stuff fine I do too but if you it's bad and I'm not just talking about a few astheics I mean it's bad and you defend it by saying your stuck in the past get over it let me enlighten you stop that shit a go see some actual quality works.
The reason why many people of older times specifically 80's and 90's compare things especially animation ( everything in it ) to today's stuff is because there dissapointed or in straight up disbelief in how bad ever thing has gotten cause guess what they can and bring fair arguments like how a lot of western and anime cartoon
:iconrkader11:rkader11 1 7


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im just a chill dude who likes to draw and stuff
if you respect me i respect you
if you say dumb or cringeworthy shit im gonna call you out on it
absolutely give no fuck for your feelings


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